“My Seascapes capture the mood of the ocean by the movement, wind and various weather conditions. My paintings realistically depict what nature has created.

Ralph Garafola

Sunset Stroll
65' Hinckley Sail Boat
Amalfi Fishing Boats
Anchoring at Sunset
Belle of Louisville
Boy with Dog
Bridge Street Pier Noon in Ana Maria Island
Bridge Street Pier Sunrise in Anna Maria Island
Brown's Head Light
Emerson Point Shoreline in Bradenton
Father and Son on Pier Watercolor
Girl Washing Dog
Gondolas on the Grand Canal
Grand Canal Venice
Hauling the Jib
Hooper Straight Lighthouse Watercolor
Laughing Gull
Lobster Boat
Mallards in Flight watercolor
Marina Grande Sorrento
Old Wooden Sloop
Racing to Windward
Rapid Stream
Reefing the Main
Rocky Coast
Twelve Meter Racing
Venice Gondola
White Dinghy in Amalfi
Woman Fishing on Pier


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