“My landscapes portray the time and kind of day; Sunrise, Sunny, Overcast, Fog, Sunset, Moonlight and the seasons. The natural environment puts the viewer inside the painting.

Ralph Garafola

Antique Shop in Woodstock
Au Lapin Agile (Dancing Rabbit) Cabaret in Montmartre
Mabry Mill
Cinque Terre
High Point State Park Skylands Reigon
The Red Bridge
Flamingos at Sarasota Jungle Gardens
A Window View of Sculptured Women
Ionic Capital Delphi in Greece
Temple Apollo Cornth
Greek Villa
Roof Tops on The Left
Swift River Bridge in Conway
Moose in Yosemite
Rural Delivery
Hunter Island in Beaufort
Emerson Point in Bradenton
Silent Brook
Misty Morn
Monet's Garden
Monterey Coast
Shades of Autumn
Old Barn in Richmond
Old Barn in Virginia
Duderstadt Barn in Warren
Bridge over Stony Brook in Watchung
Rocky Point in DeSoto National Park
Best Lake Dam in Watchung
Sanibel Lighthouse
Tuscan Farm watercolor
Tuscan Vineyard
Venice Courtyard
Waterloo Village
Winter Stream
Woodstock Stream
Flower Garden
Flowering Fields
Girl in Golden Field
Grand Canyon South Rim


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